NOSA Logistics Awarded 2018 SPAR Logistics Supplier of The Year

Posted on: Sep 12, 2018, in News
2018 SPAR Supplier of The Year


A great achievement for the team at NOSA Logistics who recently won SPAR Logistics Supplier of the year at the National SPAR Drivers Competition in Pretoria over the weekend. The driver project began in April 2012, when NOSA Logistics were appointed as the national training provider. NOSA Logistics placed on site driver trainers at the 6 SPAR distribution centers nationally. The project is still running successfully 6 years down the line. The SPAR Group continues to achieve its goals related to retail delivery and remains one of the trusted fleets on the road that ensures safer roads for all road users.

Read more about the tangible results obtained for The SPAR Group through the Defensive Driver Training Programme



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