NOSA Logistics and KYD: Success In Safety

Posted on: Jun 7, 2019, in Newstitle_li=0Social Responsibility
NOSA Logistics

NOSA Logistics is proud to be partnering with Khenani Youth Development, to implement health and safety training in clinics and children’s homes.

The main aim of this partnership is to provide basic safety training for first aid, firefighting, and health, and safety to caregivers within a child and youth care facility. This is done to ensure proper safety measures are enacted and precautioned by caregivers, and that the facility itself is compliant with health and safety regulations.

Watch our first project with Durban Child and Youth Care Centre:

About Khenani Youth Development

Khenani Youth Development is a registered nonprofit organisation established in 2014, whose aim is to provide a resource centre for children and youth from impoverished communities. For inquiries or donations, email Bathobile Shangase at or call + 27 83 672 1839.

NOSA Logistics and KYD will continue to provide safety training to clinics and children’s homes incoming months.

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