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Do we train on all codes of vehicles?

  • Light motor vehicles
  • Rigid Motor vehicles
  • Articulated Motor vehicles (Vehicle combinations)
  • Busses

Can we train on a client site?

Do drivers need to be taken out of operations to be assessed?

We will assess based on the needs of the client.

If they can supply us with a vehicle then we can train the driver out of operations. If they don’t want a disruption in operations, we can assess the driver while he is on the job. This is a good form of evaluation if one needs to find out how the driver behaves in the field.

Do we train nationally?

Yes, We have a national and international footprint.

How long is a defensive driver certificate valid for?

A defensive driver certificate does not have an expiry date,

it is, however, best practice to retrain drivers every two years.

How long does it take to train a driver on hazardous goods?

A novice driver will be trained for 2 days.

A renewal/refresher driver will need 1 day to retrain.

How long does it take to train a new forklift operator?

As per the Driven Machinery Regulations Act 6 of 1983

It takes 5 days of training to train a novice operator.

How long does it take to train a renewal forklift operator?

A renewal operator needs to be in the classroom for 4 hours and then needs to complete a 1 on 1, 1-hour assessment with the instructor.

Do we train people to get their licenses?

No, we do not train people to get their licenses.

We work with drivers that already have their licenses and give them advance defensive driving skills.

Are we a driving school?

No, we are not a driving school.

Are we an accredited training provider?

Yes we are an accredited training provider

We hold primary accreditation with the Transport Education and Training Authorities (TETA) and secondary accreditation with Services Sector Education and Training Authorities (Service SETA). We are also an approved training body for the Department of Transport.

Accreditation Numbers

  • TETA – TETA 04-117
  • DOT – 2009/11