Receive Stock in a Distribution Centre/Warehouse

Warehousing and Logistics Training

SAQA ID : 117901
NQF Level: 3
No of Credits: 15

Course Introduction

The person credited with this unit standard is able to select the appropriate unit, knowledge and understanding of how the various packaging units are stuffed to avoid contamination damage and movement of cargo.

Qualification Title: Receive Stock in a Distribution Centre/Warehouse

Unit Standard ID:  117901

No. of Credits: 15

NQF Level: 3

This unit standard is intended for people who will receive stock in a distribution centre or warehouse. Persons credited with this unit standard operate in a number of contexts, of which some may be non-routine. They demonstrate the ability to make comparisons and interpret available information. These persons are able to receive stock in a distribution centre (DC)/warehouse, implement security procedures to prevent shrinkage and losses and enhance the efficiency of the supply chain by recording required information on stock being received.

Numeracy and Literacy at ABET Level 4

People credited with this unit standard are able to understand:

  • Common terms and concepts used in DCs to receive stock
  • Organisational policies and procedures for:
  1. receiving and checking stock received
  2. recording and handling of stock variances
  3. labelling/referencing stock/pallets received.
  • Techniques and equipment used to count stocks received
  • The terms shrinkage and losses
  • The effect of shrinkage and losses on profits and employees
  • Causes of and preventative methods for shrinkage and losses while receiving
  • The supply chain and the roles of the various players in the supply chain
  • Organisation procedures in the receiving area for maintaining stock records in the supply chain
  • Stock characteristics and how they impact on the receiving procedure

This programme is aimed at any person working with receiving stock within the warehousing or logistics chain

R 1 415.00 per person

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