National Certificate: Professional Driving


SAQA ID : 50285
NQF Level : 3
No Of Credits : 122

Course Introduction

The purpose of the qualification is to ensure competent professional driving competence in the road transport sector, thus improving earning capacity of professional drivers as well as transport sector professionalism and economic growth. The qualification is set to create an environment for growth and development of learners, by improving the employment prospects and marketable competence of drivers, and accelerating the redress of past unfair discrimination in education, training and employment opportunities. By setting the minimum standards contained in this qualification, professional driving education and training will also improve.

Qualification Title: National Certificate: Professional Driving

Qualification ID: 50285

NQF Level: 3

No. of Credits: 122

Learners credited with this qualification are working, or intend working, in the commercial road transport industry as drivers. This qualification builds on light vehicle driving competence, and credits competent drivers, who are driving vehicles carrying freight or passengers for commercial purposes.

The demand for this qualification lies primarily in the transport industry’s requirement for drivers to have employable competence beyond that of a basic driving license and professional driving permit. Currently, more than 7000 individuals work in the sector that would benefit from this qualification. Learners can be persons entering the sector, persons already working in the sector as drivers, persons already working in the field in a non-driving capacity, and/or self employed persons within the sector.

There is a critical need in the industry to recognise learner competence regarding professional driving, and to ensure that legal requirements are adhered to. In South Africa, the transport industry is experiencing a shortage of competence in and good training for professional driving. Direct costs of poor driving include human and economic costs. Improved professional driving could influence the South African economy in direct transport, social and economic costs alone to the value of millions of Rands each year. By improving professional driving competence, road safety is improved and social and economic costs associated with road accidents are decreased.

By the end of this programme, the learners will competent in:

  • obtaining and communicating road transport operation information
  • assessing loads against given permissible load requirements
  • planning road transport service delivery that meets specified requirements
  • driving a vehicle conveying a specific freight commodity or category of passenger
  • using computerised spreadsheets and word processing.
  • planning the establishment of a small business according to relevant business principles
  • conducting vehicle maintenance according to specified procedures
  • operating lifting equipment according to specified procedures

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