Matriculants & Safety On Roads During The Holidays

Posted on: Nov 4, 2016, in Blog

Congratulations to all our matrics on the completion of their exams. Remember that your future is not only ahead of you – it is NOW! Have fun, make friends, collect memories on the way. Do so responsibly and don’t forget about safety!

Arrive alive have an article with valuable information for newer drivers on the road that can be seen here


This is it! Let the party begin …

You’re young, hip and happening – you’re free at last and you can let your hair down – BIG TIME! School’s finally OUT and you’re hitting the road. This is where the FUN starts.

Go for it – you’ve earned your stripes.


Don’t make this TRIP your last one!

Be sure to survive your beach bash and see the rest of your life unfold!


We are approaching a festive time for many teenagers! Across South Africa thousands of teenagers are making the last dots and crosses on matric papers and plan their celebrations and last holidays together as a group! For many of these young people this is the closure to many years of close friendships and the start to a new episode in their lives – full of uncertainty. They often do this with a last BANG – BIG PARTIES – BIG EVENTS at beach parties, holiday resorts etc.

This is also a time for many a parent to add a few more grey hairs, to fear for the safety of their children – not daring to refuse these youngsters this exciting and rewarding break-away!!

The Arrive Alive website has been approached by a parent with the idea to provide some focus and attention on the need for safety. This is a time to create and collect memories for these young minds – but all of this is of no value if this is not done in safety – allowing these youngsters to meet up again later and reflect on these memories! We would like to provide a guide to our teenagers on how to have a BLAST – but also remain safe and ready to make an impact on the lives of others!

Unique young driver road safety threats

The Arrive Alive website was warned in 2002 of the belief of “invincibility” amongst our young drivers – the belief that accidents always happen to others but not to us! We need to be alert to the special risks facing our younger drivers when they go on vacation. For many this may be the longest distance they have been behind a steering wheel, and driving in locations not known to them … They may be exposed to many driver distractions, noise and the pleas to do things behind the steering wheel which flies in the face of driving behaviour!

Peer pressure could be immense – that’s why Arrive Alive now focuses on a few risks on the road:

  • Drunk Driving – No matter how inviting this may appear – do not drink and drive! Be a COOL friend and accept responsibility. Be the designated driver!
  • Seatbelt wearing – You cannot always protect from the dangers presented by other drivers, pedestrians or animals – but you can protect against the consequences of these accidents. Wear seatbelts from departure to your destination – be safe!
  • Avoiding distractions – Distractions include those from passengers, other road users, technology [texting, iPod], eating, drinking, smoking, noise, roadside distractions etc…
  • Driver tiredness – your trip should not be a race to your destination. Stop at regular intervals – every 2 hours or 200km’s. Your driver can have a break and you can fill up your tanks. The journey is part of your trip – enjoy it! Avoid late night driving if possible!
  • Speeding – you’re not in a race to the finish line and there’s nothing to prove. Get there. Don’t miss out on your “holiday of a lifetime” because of speed. The true hero is the driver who arrives alive with his passengers at their destinations. Allow yourself enough time to take evasive action and avoid accidents.

Who are friends?

Friends care of one another. They know the strengths and weaknesses of one another and share life experiences. They listen and guide one another along the road – sharing joy and giving support in distress. They do not care only for themselves and will put others first – ensuring the safety and well-being of other friends.

What do friends do?

  • They care for the safety of friends.
  • They do not sit back and enjoy – but help, plan and assist!
  • They are alert to the needs of their friends – this includes the need for safety.
  • They are aware of the family and loved ones of their friends and their desire to have them return safely.
  • They have fun, laugh together, share good times and add value to the lives of those around them.
  • They respect one another and guidance from leaders in their circle of friends.
  • They speak up and voice their concerns if they observe that friends are in danger.
  • They ensure that passengers in the vehicle are buckled up!
  • They are alert to – and warn against the threats posed by alcohol, drugs and sexual relationships.

What do friends avoid?

  • They avoid behaviour that will endanger their friends.
  • They are alert to dangers on the road and respect the driver’s responsibility to adopt safe driving techniques.
  • They do not allow the driver to drive under the influence of alcohol, or any substance – they take turns to be designated driver.
  • They do not allow friends to walk home alone. A drunk pedestrian is just as unsafe!
  • They party TOGETHER and ensure that no friend goes wandering off with strangers, are given strange substances or have to hitch a ride home with strangers.
  • They do not allow friends to end –up in hospital with alcohol poisoning or expose them to drugs.
  • They do not allow friends to go into the ocean intoxicated.

Safety message

The Arrive Alive website team would like to congratulate all our matrics on the completion of their exams. Have a well deserved break and keep in mind that your future is not only ahead of you – It is NOW! Have fun, make friends, collect memories on the way. Do so responsibly and with a focus on safety!

We approached a few of our celebrities and they were willing to share their road safety messages with our teenagers:


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