Texting & Driving Is The Number One Reason For Accidents

Posted on: Nov 14, 2016, in Blog

Texting and Driving is now the number one reason for accidents – small fender benders to fatal crashes.
You are also four times more likely to be involved in an accident when using your mobile phone while driving.

Here are some critical reasons why you should avoid all distractions while driving:

  • You already know it’s wrong
  • You could injure or Kill an innocent person
    Texting and driving puts all the drivers sharing the road with you at risk, too, because you are unable to navigate the road while looking down at the phone in your lap.
  • Consider Your Passengers
    Transporting other human beings in your vehicle is a tremendous responsibility, one that many young drivers take lightly. Sending or reading a text message while driving puts your passenger’s lives at a significantly higher risk of being involved in an accident while riding in your vehicle. Could you live with the knowledge that your decision to pick up your phone while operating a vehicle caused someone to suffer a life-altering injury or be killed?
  • It Only Takes A Couple Of Seconds To Park Your Vehicle
    If you simply cannot resist the urge to check your text messages (or take a call) while driving, take the time to pull off of the roadway and park your vehicle before picking up your cell phone. Red lights and stop signs are not safe places to check you cell phone. Find a parking lot or pull over at a safe location on the side of the road.
  • Texting & Driving Is More Debilitating To Your Reaction Time Than Driving While Under The Influence Of Alcohol
    According to this study conducted by Car and Driver magazine, as well as several others by various safety institutions, using a cell phone to read or send text messages delays a driver’s reaction time as much or more than the legal limit of alcohol consumption.
  • It is illegal
    If it is proven that you were texting/ using your device before your accident and the accident leads to a death, you can be charged criminally

The bottom line is that texting and driving is seriously dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

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