Nosa Logistics – Solving A Transport Dilemma

Posted on: Apr 3, 2017, in Blog

Solving a Transport Dilemma

Over the years, the road transport industry in South Africa, has grown in leaps and bounds as the demand for goods has grown – thousands of trucks take to our highways and byways every day delivering everything from alcohol to fuel, timber, coal and more, to various destinations, both locally and cross boarder.

A great concern currently facing the industry is that the growth in the industry has not seen a matching growth in driver skill or availability, this has lead to inadequately trained or screened drivers being put onto the roads – an issue that can often lead to the horrific heavy duty vehicle accidents that tarnish the reputation and calibre of the various parties operating within the industry.

One of the most concerning issues is, that with the demand for drivers being so high, many companies take an individual’s credentials at face value, often not doing proper investigation into the legitimacy of the licences, training certificates and or Professional Driver Permits.

According to various statistics, there are over 400 000 unqualified or inadequately skilled truck drivers on SA’s roads, this severely compromises the safety of all road users as well as the companies and products they represent while driving, especially if an incident or fatality should occur while they are behind the wheel.

Although these figures are grave, they are not without solution. Accredited and reputable training organisations, such as NOSA Logistics, specialise in addressing all such issues, with the intent of decreasing risk through upskilling drivers and changing driver behaviour. Through the various programmes, drivers go through intensive assessments, evaluations, screening and both practical and theoretical defensive driver training.They are taught about advanced road safety and are trained in various defensive driving techniques.

Published in RMI and Automobil Magazines.

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