Hijacking In South Africa: Vital Tips to Save Your Life in a Potential Hijacking

Posted on: August 21, 2018, in Blog
Hijacking in south africa

In South Africa, hijacking is a crime of preference, which has evolved into a fine art, often performed in the wink of an eye.


Hijackers will not hesitate to kill the driver and occupants of a vehicle to get hold of vehicle or payload, or both. Vehicles seized during hijackings are frequently used to commit others like cash-in-transit heists or kidnappings. Most hijacked vehicles are, however, delivered to syndicates who dismantle, re-sprayed, change engine and chassis numbers of the stolen vehicles and then smuggle them to neighbouring countries. Here they are sold and registered, using fraudulent documentation and often help from inside the registering authority. Many stolen vehicles are also sold and registered in the same manner locally.

Here are some vital tips to save your life in a potential hijacking situation:

  • If a suspicious person bumps your car from behind, don’t get out. Rather drive to the nearest police station
  • Don’t get out of your car to remove pamphlets from under your wipers. Criminals wait for you to get out of your car, with the key still in the ignition, and then jump in
  • Always keep your car window a little open. It is more difficult to break than an entirely closed window
  • Don’t listen to loud music while you are driving. You should be alert to what is going on around you at all times
  • Always reserved your fuel tank at least a quarter full. In an emergency you may have to drive for a distance
  • When you stop at robots, always leave enough space between the cars in front of you and behind you. You would have more space to move your car if you have to get away in a hurry.
  • Never leave your handbag or cell phone on the passenger seat. It’s an open invitation to criminals to break your window and gain entry to your car
  • When you drive, always be aware of vehicles in front, behind, and around you
  • And this may sound obvious but so many drivers neglect to do it: Always lock your doors!
  • Don’t drive alone in areas which are unfamiliar with
  • Females, especially, shouldn’t drive alone at night. Woman are regarded easy targets for hijackers
  • And, finally should hijackers approach you, don’t panic and do whatever they demand. Your life is more valuable than material items.

God's Protection is amazing!! Three black men in a golden C-class Mercedes tried to hijack us as we arrived home just after 13h21 today. Roger's quick thinking got us away quickly and safely!

Posted by Anelle Hills on Sunday, 13 August 2017


NOSA Logistics offers a comprehensive anti-hijacking workshop that is designed to equip learner’s with practical exercises and solutions to avoid a possible hijacking situation. Intense focus is placed on the learner’s assertiveness of his/her everyday environment.


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