Dispatch Stock from a Distribution Centre or Warehouse

Unit Standard: SAQA ID 117891

NQF Level: 3

No of Credits: 12

This unit standard is intended for people who Dispatch Stock from a Distribution Centre or Warehouse (wholesale or retail). Dispatch could include transfer to stores, returns to suppliers and customer or customer orders.

These persons are able to implement security procedures to prevent shrinkage and losses and enhance the efficiency of the supply chain by accurate dispatching goods.



By the end of the course, the learners will be to:

• Plan the most cost effective route/s to deliver products
• Prepare goods for dispatch
• Load delivery vehicles
• Prevent shrinkage and losses in the Dispatching Area
• Maintain the efficiency of the supply chain


Knowledge To Be Gained

Relevant aspects of the following:

• Common terms and concepts used when dispatching stock
• Policies and procedures for dispatching stock
• Methods for determining cost effectiveness of deliveries and the organisation’s policies in this respect
• Planning of delivery routes
• Methods for packing the different types of stock carried by the organisation.
• The terms shrinkage and losses.
• The effect of shrinkage and losses on profits and employees
• Causes of and preventive methods for shrinkage and losses while dispatching stock
• The supply chain and the roles of the various players in the supply chain.
• Organisation procedures in the Dispatch Area for maintaining stock records in the supply chain
• Methods used by the organisation to tag/ mark stock with destination identification
• Legislation and organisation policy in respect of loading of vehicles


Duration Of Programme

2 Days