Controlling and Locating Stock

Unit Standard: SAQA ID 8025

NQF Level: 3

No of Credits: 8

Controlling and Locating Stock; a learner accredited with this standard will be able to control the storage and locating of stock to minimise loss, damage and claims, and based on a quality service to the customer.



By the end of the course, the learners will be to:

• Record the appropriate information of stock
• Stock is located and picked with due regard to storage plans, despatch orders and shipping instructions.
• Replenish of/ or add to stock.
• Determine the appropriate method of storage.
• Apply stock control measures


Knowledge To Be Gained

Relevant aspects of the following:

1. Principles of stock control and stock taking.
2. Product knowledge for stock identification, storage and movement purposes.
3. Relevant legislation (pertaining to symbols and signs).
4. Identification (signage, coding, labelling, packaging within warehouse/storage facilities).
5. Basic principles of risk and loss control.
6. Welfare, health and safety considerations in terms of both legislative requirements and company policies and local environmental regulations


Duration Of Programme

1 Day