Defined Purpose Lift Trucks

Unit Standard: SAQA ID 242981

NQF Level: 2

No of Credits: 4

Defined Purpose Lift Trucks; in line with The Driven Machinery Regulations Act and Driven Machinery Regulations Code of Practice.

Course Outline

The person credited with this unit standard is able to operate a basic purpose lift truck. They are able to access emergency support and services in the case of an emergency while operating a lift truck. The person is also able to identify and classify the load, handle and move the freight while operating the lifting equipment in accordance with standards and its performance capabilities. They are also able to monitor the fitness of the lift truck



Renewal training should have a certificate not expired for more than 90 days

Target Groups

This programme is aimed at:

• Individuals needing relicensing
• Novice forklift operators


Range Of Equipment Covered By This Unit Standard

F6: Pedestrian-controlled lift truck below rated capacity of 2000kg.
F7: Pedestrian-controlled lift truck above rated capacity of 2000kg.
F12: Pallet lift truck with battery power propulsion (specify capacity).

The Codes and Attachments that correspond with the National Code of Practice:

A: Side Shift; B: Single pole; C: Carton or paper roll clamp; D: Crane Hook; E: Push Pull/Slip sheet equipment; F: Load Rotator; H: Load Extender Pantograph; J: Tilting Bucket; K: Tandem Forks; L: Container Vanning and Devanning; M: Container Handling; N: Forks; O: Cradle (Safety Cage).



By the end of the course, the learners will be:

• Inspecting and recording the operational fitness of battery-powered lift trucks.
• Identifying and classifying freight/loads.
• Handling, loading and storing freight.
• Achieving maximum work performance of battery powered lifting equipment and attachments.
• Operating freight equipment.
• Accessing available emergency support systems and services.



Refresher Training: 4 hours classroom training and 1 hour practical per operator.

Novice Training: 3 days – maximum 4 operators per session as per driven machinery regulation requirements.