National Certificate in Business Administration

Qualification: SAQA ID 76465

NQF Level: 3

No of Credits: 120



The National Certificate in Business Administration is for anyone who is, or wishes to be, involved in the Administration function in any organisation or business in any sector, or field as well as in non-commercial organisations such as clubs and charitable organisations. It contains all the competencies, skills and values required by a learner who wishes to access the National Certificate in Business Administration Services at NQF: Level 4.

The core component contains competencies in Information Handling, Communications, Enterprise/ customer service, Technology, Organisation skills, Self-development, Teamwork and Business policies and procedures. The elective component allows the learner to gain specialist knowledge, skills and insight in the areas of Reception, Executive Administration, Financial Services and Banking, Legal Administration and Human Resources.

Learners working towards this qualification will find that the acquisition of competence in the unit standards, which make up the qualification, will add value to their work performance. This qualification is intended to enhance the provision of service within the field of Administration within all sectors.

The National Certificate in Business Administration Services: NQF Level 3 is designed to meet the needs of those learners who are already involved, or wish to become involved, in the field of Administration. It is applicable to employed and unemployed learners. Administration is an essential field of learning as the competences required by people doing administrative tasks are generic in nature and apply to all businesses in all sectors and to many non-business organisations such as sports and cultural clubs and the like. Administrative tasks and administration are done at various levels depending upon the nature and size of the organisation and its management structure. People involved in administration are known by such terms as secretaries, administrative assistants, administrators and clerks depending on the organisation in which they are employed. There is therefore an on-going need for highly skilled administration personnel and a need for a well developed learning pathway to cater for administrative personnel at the various levels at which they operate.



By the end of this programme, the learners will be able to:

    • Gather and report information.
    • Plan, monitor and control and information system.
    • Maintain booking systems.
    • Participate in meetings and process documents and communications related thereto.
    • Utilise technology to produce information.
    • Plan and conduct basic research in an office environment.
    • Coordinate meetings, minor events and travel arrangements.
    • Set personal goals.
    • Function in a team and overall business environment.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of employment relations.


Duration Of Programme

1 Year



R21 000.00 per candidate



Programme Composition:

Core7573Demonstrate ability to use the World Wide WebLevel 23
Core8420Operate in a teamLevel 24
Core13929Co-ordinate meetings, minor events and travel arrangementsLevel 33
Core10170Demonstrate understanding of employment relations in an organisationLevel 33
Core7785Function in a business environmentLevel 34
Core7860Introduce new staff to the workplaceLevel 31
Core7706Maintain a booking systemLevel 33
Core7796Maintain a secure working environmentLevel 31
Core13937Monitor and control office suppliesLevel 32
Core13931Monitor and control the maintenance of office equipmentLevel 34
Core13935Plan and conduct basic research in an office environmentLevel 36
Core13934Plan and prepare meeting communicationsLevel 34
Core13933Plan, monitor and control an information system in a business environmentLevel 33
Core7567Produce and use spreadsheets for businessLevel 35
Core7570Produce word processing documents for businessLevel 35
Core9533Use communication skills to handle and resolve conflict in the workplaceLevel 33
Core14357Demonstrate an understanding of a selected business environmentLevel 410
Fundamental8968Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communicationLevel 35
Fundamental9960Communicate verbally and non-verbally in the workplaceLevel 38
Fundamental9010Demonstrate an understanding of the use of different number bases and measurement units and an awareness of error in the context of relevant calculationsLevel 32
Fundamental9013Describe, apply, analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional space in different contextsLevel 34
Fundamental8969Interpret and use information from textsLevel 35
Fundamental9012Investigate life and work related problems using data and probabilitiesLevel 35
Fundamental11241Perform Basic Business CalculationsLevel 36
Fundamental7456Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business and national issuesLevel 35
Fundamental8970Write texts for a range of communicative contextsLevel 35
Elective8000Apply basic business principlesLevel 39
Elective7177Attend to customer enquiries face-to-face and on the telephone in a banking environmentLevel 34
Elective7911Manage the floatLevel 34
Elective13928Monitor and control reception areaLevel 34
Elective13930Monitor and control the receiving and satisfaction of visitorsLevel 34
Elective13936Outline the legal environment of a selected industryLevel 32
Elective13932Prepare and process documents for financial and banking processesLevel 35
Elective7798Process cheque, credit card and bank transactionsLevel 314