First Aid Level 1

Unit Standard: SAQA ID 119567

NQF Level: 1

No of Credits: 5

Programme Overview

First Aid Level 1 training is designed to assist learners with emergency protocols to be followed to ensure the correct and legal first aid is given when responding to any emergency situation, and to ensure they can administer the essential lifesaving skills required.



• Communication at ABET level 3
• Numeracy at ABET level 3


Target Groups

This programme is aimed at employees within companies who wish to be equipped to deal with an emergency situation which requires first aid. It is also aimed at members of the public who would like to acquire basic first aid skills.



By the end of the course, the learners will be able to:

• Demonstrate an understanding of emergency scene management
• Demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology
• Assess an emergency situation
• Apply First Aid procedures to the life-threatening situation
• Treat common injuries


Duration of Programme

2 days – practical and portfolio of evidence to be done on day 2 of the programme.


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