Dangerous Goods Defensive Driver Training

Programme Overview

NOSA Logistics are the leading specialists in Dangerous Goods defensive driver training and warehousing risk management training solutions.

The following five focus areas are offered:

Driver Risk and Safety Management Training

By engaging in the following programmes, drivers will gain both practical and theoretical skills, which will minimise risk and maximise performance:

Defensive driving and vehicle operations:

  • Improving skills and attitude
  • Preparing to take evasive action
  • Improving their own risk profiles
  • Decreasing tyre and maintenance costs
  • Improving fuel efficiencies
  • Meeting mandatory driving requirements
  • On road assessments

Conveying hazardous goods by road:

  • Meeting mandatory driving requirements for drivers conveying dangerous goods as per Road Traffic Act legislation


Please feel free to view our courses below:

Convey Hazardous Goods by Road – SAQA ID: 123259

Controlling Hazardous and Dangerous Goods – SAQA ID: 8020

Spill Training