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Who Are We?

NOSA Logistics is a private training provider committed to the success of its learners, stakeholders and the Transport and Warehousing sector as a whole with a focus on defensive driver training. We utilise professionally trained facilitators and driving instructors to train its students and holds full primary accreditation with the Transport Education and Training Authorities, as well as secondary accreditation with Services SETA.

NOSA Logistics offers unit standard aligned skills programmes and risk management training solutions for drivers, warehousing staff and other logistics related occupations. These measurable solutions increase productivity, decrease risk and add to business profitability. The combination of workplace, practical and theoretical training leads to real-time solutions that have an immediate positive effect on business operations.

Our Work Process in %

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Why Choose Us?

We are customer focused

Over 2000 Satisfied Customers

We communicate at optimum levels with all of our stakeholders

40 Experienced Trainers

We are flexible in terms of operational requirements and technological advancements

13 Years Training Experience

We use qualified trainers/assessors

40 Experienced Trainers

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Certificate Turnaround Time – 1 week


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