What are Learnerships really about and how do they benefit me?

Learnerships are Educational programmes that combine workplace experience with structured learning (i.e. theory and practice) that lead to a nationally recognized qualification.


Benefits of Learnerships to Industry

Learnerships offer the private sector a vehicle to:

    • Contribute to the stabilisation of the investment and business environment by lowering the level of instability associated with our unemployment levels;
    • Contribute towards creating a skills pool in areas of current and / or future need;
    • Enhance entrepreneurship by providing young people with business exposure and networks,  AND
    • Provide capacity in areas where there are budget constraints.


Benefits of Learnerships to candidates:

Learnerships provide the following benefits to the learners:

  • Skills in computers, problem-solving, communication and life management are acquired
  • Workplace experience before entering a specific employment sector
  • Learnerships make learners more employable in their respective industries

Through a combination of workplace and classroom training the following nationally-recognised qualifications can be obtained through NOSA Logistics and the learnership process:

1.    General Education And Training Certificate In Transport:  NQF1
2.    New Venture Creation:  NQF 2
3.    National Certificate In Freight Handling:  NQF 3
4.    National Certificate In Professional  Driving:  NQF 3
5.    National Certificate in Road Transport:  NQF3
6.    National Certificate In Business Administration Services:  NQF 3

To find out more about this Learnership, kindly contact us at info@nosalogistics.co.za.